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PRP Support Group Contact Details

The PRP Support Group is simply a group of people from all corners of the globe that have been affected in some way by PRP. As such, we have no formal headquarters or office location. Our only presence is here on the Internet, so that’s the only way to contact the group as whole.

The preferred way to contact us is to join the PRP-L mailing list, which will introduce you to a friendly group of “Pretty Red People”, who are always willing to offer support, encouragement and advice. Some members of the group may be willing to make or receive phone calls to discuss specific aspects of PRP, but for privacy reasons we do not publish their phone numbers unless we’re given explicit permission to do so. In most cases we suggest that you join the PRP-L mailing list and introduce yourself, and request that someone calls you.

Feedback about the content of this site can be sent to our feedback address, or you may contact the PRP Webmaster.