Keep a positive attitude …

For newcomers, I live in Alberta where the humidity is very low and it can be very cold in the winter. I kept cotton clothes next to my skin before adding warmer clothes.

My Type I PRP began in August 2000 when it covered my entire body, with a complete loss of hair and nails. I was fortunate in that it only took a month for diagnosis.

There was little improvement for about two months with Soriatane but then some did occur and then stopped. My derm then switched me to methotrexate/folic acid. Improvement started again. During that time my eyes were continually being monitored as my tear ducts dried and my eye lids could not close. I had to have my ears professionally cleaned due to the scale and wax plugs. By June 2001 many symptoms had gone and I went on a drug holiday. The remaining symptoms then disappeared by September 2001. My hair is growing back except on my legs and my nails are now almost normal.

I have been in remission since then . . . .

Through the depths of PRP, I gained a lot of comfort from the other support group members and also gained information from experiences that were not available from my doctors. I offered my support . . . . I continue to monitor the site and find that support is still there.

Now when I see signs of PRP, my best cure is to get much more rest possibly giving up an activity that I would like to do. The memory of PRP is still there so this sacrifice is easy to make.

I had full family support that made things bearable. It is also very hard on the caregivers – something we must all be aware of.

I am here to tell those that are still suffering that with time a remission is possible and a normal life can return. Take one day at a time and don’t expect big improvements overnight. Keep a positive attitude knowing that it will improve.