Personal Stories

The “Pretty Red People” and their stories

This Support Group is ultimately about the “Pretty Red People” that make up the group. In this section we include many personal stories contributed by members of the group, both past and present. Particularly for those newly diagnosed with PRP, we hope that by reading some of these stories you will understand more about the disease and the role of the support group. Here you will find personal stories and reflections about PRP by current and former members of the PRP Support Group.

We encourage anyone with a story about PRP to submit their story to the Webmaster ( giving us permission to publish the story. Please note that minor editing may be required in some cases.

“Pretty Red People” ???

The phrase “Pretty Red People” comes from the daughter of the late Mike Otterbein, who asked her father if PRP stood for “pretty red people”?  It made Mike laugh, and it has made us all laugh over the years.

Personal Stories

PRP – The Poem, by Greg Shalless (added May 2014)

Children with PRP. (added 21 Jan 2006)

Dayne has shared her experience as a caregiver to her husband, Gardner. Read their story about PRP. (added 21 Jan 2006)

Racheal has provided us with an update 3 years after developing PRP (added 19 Dec 2005).

Brian describes his experience with PRP and the need to keep a positive attitude (added 10 Dec 2005).

2005 new members Kirsten, Barbara, and Pam describe their initial experience with PRP. (added 1 Dec 2005).

Tierney’s PRP story (added 28 Aug 2005).

Published Stories

Lorna has also written an article about her experiences with PRP for the Dermatology Nursing journal. (added 22 Dec 2005)

Ralph Gilmore has written an article about his experiences with PRP for the Dermatology Nursing journal. (added 12 Nov 2005)

Bill Leeder has written about his experiences with PRP (thanks to Medipac Communications for permission to republish this article).